Our Lady of the Lake, Lake Village, AR
 P.O Box 272,  314 S. Lakeshore Dr.,  (corner of St. Mary St.)   Lake Village, AR 71653    870-265-5439

Our Lady of the Lake

Welcome to Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church.
Located on the banks of Lake Chicot in Lake Village Arkansas.
For over 100 years, Our lady of the lake has been serving the parishoners of Chicot county.

Rev. Theo Okpara
e-mail:  frtheophilus@yahoo.com

Deacon Timothy Sampolesi
Deacon David French
. . .
Saturday 5:00 P.M.
Sunday 9:00 A.M.
Saturday 4:15 P.M.
or by appointment
Sue Pieroni, Secretary
C/DRE: Debbie Vaughn
CYM Director: Debbie Vaughn
Libby Borgognoni, Historian
Choir Directors
Saturday Mass: Libby Borgognoni - Sunday Mass: Martha Pieroni

Our Book Corner
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Inexpensive gift for weddings, birthday, etc.
*Prices of books subject to change without notice*
1) Old World Cookery
Our Lady of the Lake Altar Society
Compiled and assembled by Libby Borgognoni
This unique recipe collection is a treasured source of family food traditions
that have been brought from Italy and preserved and handed down
generation to generation for your enjoyment.
This 226pp book is filled with some of the finest cuisine available. 
2) Italians of Sunnyside 1895-1995: 
A People of Faith, of Hope, and of Love
Compiled and assembled by Libby Borgognoni
 Centennial Celebration September, 1995. pp 120. 325 pictures. A People Set Apart! Throughout the regions of Marche, Emilia, and Veneto over 100 families were the first families that embarked from Genoa, Italy in 1895 to New Orleans, Louisiana and there to Sunnyside, near Lake Village, Chicot County,  Arkansas; one of the first immigrations from Italy .  There were promises of parcels of 12 ½ acres of land and they would be proprietors after twenty years; the company would provide housing, agricultural implements, with its own railroad, gin and sawmill.  They were promised a church and a school that would complete the colonization of the area. But this was not to be!  The history and truth of this immigration and the peonage system in America has been researched and written by many authors, and much of this information is 
shared in this book.  
3) Our Lady of the Lake Church
Compiled and assembled by Libby Borgognoni
This book highlights the 100th anniversary of our church. Throughout the book there is a written and pictorial history of the pastors, religious orders, and communicants that served our church during this time. There are pictures that depict the past scenes of the parish life of this lively Catholic community. This book is a glimpse of the past, which should be shared and not forgotten.
4) Our Lady of the Lake Church Museum
Compiled and assembled by Libby Borgognoni
Old Historical Museum DVD and Blu-Ray, pictorial and narrated 1:05 minutes.
DVD $10 plus $5.00 shipping, Blu-Ray $15 plus $5.00 shipping.
Payable to Our Lady of the Lake Catholic church..


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